Unreal Editor Capture the Flag Map (Greybox, First Pass Art, gifs, screenshots, LDD)

First pass art:


Original grey box:








I made a capture the flag map in the Unreal Editor, and below is the level design document showing planning and analysis. The gifs are very large and may take awhile to load.

If you’d like to open the pdf in a new window, click the arrow in the top right or click the link below:


The assets used are from Multistory Dungeons by Mana Station (was free at the time, and is also available on Unity’s Asset Store) and Infinity Blade: Grass Lands by Epic Games (still free), from the Epic Games Unreal Engine Marketplace. The comic I used for inspiration is by Evan Dahm.

Tilt Tilly Tilt, a Unity game made in 4 days


We made this game for Sprint Week of Fall 2018, near Halloween, where we had four days to design a game with an alternative controller.

We decided on a Halloween-themed co-operative game where the controller is a fuzzy monster (Tilly) that players move with their feet. Players have to work together to tilt the monster controller, while the corresponding monster on screen slowly rises with its rolling baby.

The goal is to keep the baby balanced on the monster while avoiding pink hazards including walls and ghosts until you can return the baby to the monster’s nest at the top.

The game restarts whenever the baby rolls off the monster on screen, or if the baby touches anything pink. There’s one checkpoint in the middle of the level.

We all worked together to design the game. We brainstormed together until we had an idea that excited enough of us, and we all did a lot of problem-solving along the way.

For my part, I suggested it be foot-controlled for the sake of humour, novelty, and not restricting the game from those with limited hand mobility. I modelled the jelly ghost in Maya, and built the backgrounds and parts of the level out of pre-existing assets that Vanessa and I found for free on the Unity store. Vanessa and I found things to build the controller out of. Vanessa made the controller and helped build the bottom of the level. William did the grey-boxing and most of the coding, and Nicola also coded. Emerson made music for the game, and Taylor came up with some level design ideas and filmed.

While there were a few bumps along the way, it was a successful project, and players had a lot of laughs playing it together.

Level Design Gifs – 2D Two-Player Cooperative Puzzle-Platformer Unity Game







Here are three of the (pre-art) levels I designed for a Unity puzzle game we made: Bernice Wong, Pamela Payad, Irvin Lam, Carsten Booth and me, C. Doherty. These gifs are sped up. The idea for the game came out of a prototype for gravity swapping that Bernice had designed. The group came up with additional mechanics together and each had a part in coding the game. For example, I did the pressure-plate doors in the original version and a script that would record in a text document the time it took players to complete each level.

The core mechanics are: individual gravity swapping, freezing player position and running and jumping. The number of gravity swaps you can do per level is dependent on how many gravity swap tokens you collect. The swap tokens are shared. You are free to freeze, run, jump, and reset the level as many times as you like. Resetting places both players at their starting positions and resets whatever diamonds and tokens you had collected in that level.

The environment includes pressure plates that open doors of matching colours, red hazards that, on contact, send a player back to the beginning of the level, and moving platforms. Bonus points for collecting yellow diamonds. Bonus points are carried through the whole game, though for the purposes of this recording, I played each of the above levels separately.

Below you can find process photos from paper prototyping: