Handling Rejection

For all my fellow artists rejected from Sheridan’s animation program (all 1039 of us this year, and hey, everybody else who is facing rejection). This is something I needed, and maybe you need it, too.

In the face of failure, it’s easy to forget your successes. Just because someone at Sheridan said your art isn’t good enough, doesn’t mean your art isn’t great. Art is subjective. My proof of that is that I’ve made money off my art, I’ve had strangers, both artists and non-artists compliment my work, and I myself am proud of and like what I do. But, one of the weakest parts of my portfolio, according to Sheridan’s animation department, was my personal art. Someone at Sheridan looked at my art and thought, “meh”, and gave me 55% in that category. I had an overall mark of 60.55%, and there were parts that I knew were weak beforehand, but by far, the one that hit me hardest was the rating on my personal art. So for anyone else suffering a blow to their self-confidence, here is a piece for you. Keep swimming. We’re all worth more than the opinions of naysayers, and we’ll be successful in spite of them.

If you try again next year, or, like me, you follow a different path, best of luck to you. Stand tall. Keep drawing.


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