Daisies – Process



Asked some friends for a word each to inspire another piece, this time they were:

dirt, daisy, hair

.005 Pen on 75lb. paper

May 2019

Earth and Moon Process


I started by asking some friends for a word each for inspiration. Their words were:

cotton, fancy, stars, light

Then I did a bunch of thumbnails until I found an idea I was happy with. I used photos of the sky at dawn and of the Orion Nebula through the Hubble Telescope as inspiration for the colours. The stars are (loosely) the constellations seen in the month of May.


Got a bit smudged and needs a little more work before I’ll be happy. Then I just have to figure out how to mail it. It’s 14″ x 11″ on “natural white” heavyweight vellum paper. It has a really nice texture.


This is a miniature version of a 2’x3′ pencil and ink drawing I did years ago. Then I used the idea as I was trying to learn the program Paint Tool SAI. You can see my efforts in my first bunch of posts on this site. Vellum paper texture below:vellumtexturesidekiaz2

Animation Portfolio Stuff

The following are a few pieces of my submission. I’m not including the figure drawings here, and there were also 5 personal artworks, three of which are (or will be) on this site: “Nerved” pencil drawing, an etching, a sketchbook, the castle, and another pencil drawing (called “Crashing”), which is what the Pillars Experiment turned into (see my first bunch of posts: it never went anywhere).

Errors become so much clearer after seeing them on screen! I wish I’d scanned these in before I handed in my portfolio so I could see what to fix. Lesson learned for next time!


Kitchen with figure, and the same perspective as a fantasy setting. The fantasy setting I’ll complete as a digital painting: “Visiting the Fire Giant.”


To try and get proportions correct I usually draw figures without clothes first.


Character Rotation: finished drawings of the figure above.


Character Expressions sheet, different angles for different expressions.


Character Action Pose – Seeing litter, picking up litter, litter into garbage can.


Hand about to throw and hand throwing.


My idea of an earthquake may be too minimal. Tremors are still earthquakes!


Storyboards. I named her Giradina. I’m pretty pleased with this one. I’ll need to mess with my scanner’s settings and see if I can get a better scan.

Edit: I have discovered that in order to have the “view fullsize” option, I have to use the “Tiled Mosaic” option when adding images. So! That is what follows. Click on an image, and it’ll bring you to the image on a black background with “view fullsize” below it.


Update June 7 2017:

Here is a scan of the pertinent parts of my rejection letter and score. They arrived back in early April. The most painful part for me was the grade of my personal artworks, but I think it is the most subjective category, so rationally, I should be able to think “well it was just not that marker’s cup of tea.” It still hurt, though. Anyway, I don’t know if any of this will be helpful to anyone, but here it is. If this is a path you are pursuing: I wish you the best of luck!

(Click on it for the option to view fullsize)