Grackles Eating Apples

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In a southern part of Toronto, August 16th 2017: I also saw a squirrel take a bounding run at one grackle, and later saw a blue jay chasing another grackle into the trees, but the pigeons and sparrows and starlings and grackles all seemed to be able to share.



Ravens and Red-Tailed Hawk


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Ravens were perched on top of a telephone pole, ignoring the bees or wasps circling them while they shared some meat. The Red-Tailed Hawk I saw perched on the corner of a tall apartment building on July 25th. I saw the ravens on July 29th. Both were in the same general area in a southern part of Toronto.

More birds of Toronto, July 5th 2017

Saw a Cedar Waxwing for the first time in Toronto on Canada Day. Learned also that female Cardinals look a bit like Cedar Waxwings. Heard a Cardinal calling today and it took awhile to spot him, but I did get a photo of him, hidden way up in the trees. Found the Red-Tailed Hawk again today, too, way up on an apartment building. And of course, sparrow nest. With chick.

More birds – June 7th 2017 – Red-Tailed Hawk, Suspicious Sparrow Dads

I have a polarized lens on that I keep forgetting to use properly. Next time I go out, I think I’ll try without that lens and see if I can get better resolution. The only fairly sharp one is this first one where the hawk is about to fly between me and the sun.

Red-tailed hawk takes off from antenna:kiazundaunted_Red-TailedHawk_20170607Toronto


Red-tailed hawk flying in profile:


Suspicious Sparrow Dad #1kiazundaunted_sparrownervousfather

Suspicious Sparrow Dad #2kiazundaunted_nervoussparrowdad2

Suspicious Sparrow Dads #1 and #2 haven’t seen each other yet:kiazundaunted_sparrownervousdadshaventnoticedeachother


Territory defended. Time for preening:kiazundaunted_sparrowdadpreening2kiazundaunted_sparrowdadpreeningkiazundaunted_nervoussparrowdad2b

The sky colour varies so widely because of the polarized lens, which, if I was using it properly, I would adjust after focusing. But mostly I forgot I had it on.

I went searching for birds in Toronto

I found 6 sparrow nests, some swifts, robins, starlings, seagulls, a red-tailed hawk, and a vulture. Here are some of the photos I took. (I think my lens needed cleaning. Either that, or my skill may lie more in finding birds than in taking photos of them. Oh well.)