Toronto Blue Jay

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Saw my first blue jay the other day! Couldn’t get a great shot of him, but was happy to see him. He was occupying himself chasing grackles.


Grackles Eating Apples

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In a southern part of Toronto, August 16th 2017: I also saw a squirrel take a bounding run at one grackle, and later saw a blue jay chasing another grackle into the trees, but the pigeons and sparrows and starlings and grackles all seemed to be able to share.


Ravens and Red-Tailed Hawk


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Ravens were perched on top of a telephone pole, ignoring the bees or wasps circling them while they shared some meat. The Red-Tailed Hawk I saw perched on the corner of a tall apartment building on July 25th. I saw the ravens on July 29th. Both were in the same general area in a southern part of Toronto.

Work in Progress – Jade Bridge by Day


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Here’s the day version of Jade Bridge, with most of the crew in all their flat-colour glory. Some distant future day: shading and shadows.

I’m kind of pleased with perceived improvement in puzzling out proportions.

Can you tell which four people I used references for and which six I just winged it?

(I hope it’s not as obvious as it feels, hahah.)